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Технические Условия (ТУ)

Technical specifications (TU) is a document that regulates the production process and quality control of goods or products. TU is an integral part of a set of  design documentation  or other technical documentation for products, and in the case of absence of documentation should contain a full range of requirements for the product, its construction, inspection and acceptance.

TU is developed  in the following cases:

  • For the lack of state standard of Russian Federation  (GOST R) or intergovernmental standard (GOST), operating in the Russian Federation, general technical specifications or technical specifications;
  • In the presence of the state standard  of general technical  specifications when the manufacturer is necessary  to clarify of supplement the requirements for a particular product.

Requirements set forth in TU are established by the developer  but there  must be clear comprehension  that  complement  or supplement of the state standards requirements, general technical specifications or technical specifications, values of indicators shouldn’t be lower (worse) than established  state standards. Therefore,  a company –manufacturer, as a rule, entrusts the development of TU to specialized certification centers.

TU development and registration must reflect, without fail, the following procedures and requirements for products:

  • technical requirements;
  • safety requirements;
  • requirements for  environmental  protection;
  • rules for product acceptance;
  • methods and monitoring tools;
  • rules of transportation and storage;
  • instructions;
  • manufacturer’s warranty.

Certification Centre “Nevacert” has a wide experience in developing of TU for different positions:

  • Technical specifications  for medical devices;
  • Technical specifications for food;
  • Technical specifications for construction materials;
  • Technical specifications for  the objects of energy industry.

For TU development manufacturer has to provide the following information:

  • company details
  • exact name of the product
  • purpose and product area
  • nomenclature (modal range, if there are several models)
  • manual
  • drawings
  • description of production
  • content labeling
  • packaging arrangement
  • technical settings

TU is registered by regional organizations accredited by Federal Agency on Technical Regulations and Metrology.

Registration of technical specifications and its entry  in the  List  of State Register 
Are implemented by the regional organizations accredited by GOSTSTANDARD.
Today , all requirements of technical standards  and regulations are implemented  through  the technical specifications. Thus, TU registration is an execution of the most important  draft  document  establishing requirements  for safety  and quality of your product in accordance with applicable standards and regulations.